The robust blooms in your eyes
Flood into the deep gaping crevices in my soul
Leaving seeds to die
In the dark dank place

Dried like the vicious desert
Where cracked brittle leaves and grains of sand
Ferociously whip in thick swirling winds
Seeds find their way through the grime
Their first thought screamed


Those almond shaped emeralds
Blinked left and right
Surrounded by a sea of milk
The inner forest intensified


Pines catch flame
Flushing into the sea of milky white
Red tentacles
Devour the sea of crystalline
The almonds side peak
Burst with waterfalls
From the newly opened tear duct


Trickled down the walls
Of my inner canyon
Giving the soil exuberant spirit
Seeds frantically absorb the dampness

To be


-Green Fin

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