Stolen Kisses and Sleepless Nights

Stolen Kisses

I guess I’m a hypocrite for saying it’s hard to fall in love after heartbreak.
But the way we danced under the night sky made it hard not to fall

The stars filled your eyes as
You shared your hopes and dreams
We talked until our voices were hoarse and bright eyes drew weary
This sleepless night paved a path of trust
And I wondered
What’s it like to kiss an angel?

My patient angel
I am happy you waited
I took so long, and I’m sorry
While I was blinded by others, you felt long before me
You felt what it’s like to see your soul mate in love with a distraction
But the way she admired him so dearly
You decided to wait
And thank god you did

Now there’s no one else I would rather brave the cold with
Our breath is visible
Reminding me I’m still alive
With our backs to the ground
Minds in the sky
Our hearts find ways to dance with one another
While we manage to remain still
The night may be dark, but your eyes shine bright with wonder
And even with the universe above us, those eyes are all I ever want to see
Your hand placed in mine sends warmth
Radiating through the entirety of my mind and body
And my curiosity turns to pure passion

Stolen kisses in this sleepless night
I truly am a hypocrite now, aren’t I?

-Autumn Rose

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