Exit by Window

Exit by window, dear darling, small starling,
Exit by window and be not afraid.
Exit the driveway, go my way, dear darling,
Exit the street and they’ll all know your name.
Exit the city, you wanderer, ponderer,
Exit the city, you are not alone.
Exit by forest, you scared little wanderer,
Exit by forest and see what you’ve made.
Exit the wilderness, sweet fighter, dark writer,
Exit the wilderness and bear who you are.
Exit by bloodline, by floodline, by sky,
Exit this world and know that you die.
Exit by bloodline, this death shrine,
Exit it all and let yourself go.
Enter by daylight, by moonlight, by scars,
Enter by shotguns and broken bone cars.
Enter by exit and understand this:
If you live just to die you’ll forget what you miss.

Latrans Lupus

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