For the Days You Don’t Feel Like Enough.


If the Moon asked the Earth: Am I enough? I know, I am so small, I was part of something bigger once, but I am broken and cratered and dead.
Am I Enough?

The Earth would laugh and reply: Yes, you are small, but we were once one, and now you orbit me and we cast shadows on each other like two lovers intertwined. Before you I had no waves or flow, I didn’t have the rushing of the sea, and when you’re close my tides rise to greet you.
Of course you are enough.

If the Earth asked the Sun: Am I enough? You are 100x the body I will ever be. I am fragile and delicate. My plates are volatile and I crack and crumble from the turmoil I feel inside me. I’ve held so much life, but I cant seem to hold on to it. You are so large, you keep my life abundant. My forests green and my waters warm. Without you I’d be ice and rock. I’d be lifeless.
Am I enough?

The Sun would laugh and reply: Yes, you are fragile, but you have fought and struggled against the tremors that shake your core. Your tectonics may fracture and bend your surface but you are beautiful. You are stronger than you think and so brave. You have held onto the beauty of life like no other child in this star system and I am so proud.
Of course you are enough.

If the Sun asked the Galaxy: Am I enough? I am still young, but I feel so old. My color grows weaker every million years, I am so afraid of death. I fear that once I fade into my deepest of reds and I sputter my last solar flare, I will destroy the ones I love. Even when I am weak, I am violent. I hurt others with my blinding anger and heat, I am ultraviolet and my supernova violence will destroy my beloved system.
Am I enough?

The Galaxy will laugh and reply: Yes, you are growing old, but you still have so much to learn and see. You are warm and brilliant and beautiful. And though one day you will implode and all that was here for billions of years will go with you. It will not be lost. For in space, you can never truly disappear forever. One day, billions of years from now, you will regather and collect and begin anew. Young and bright and full of love.
Of course you are enough.

So if you, star child, truly believe you are not enough, ask the universe: Am I enough?

And the Universe will laugh and reply: My child, the probability of your existence is 1 in 400 trillion, you are made of stardust and 13.8 billion years of love, of course you are enough.

-Jane Doe

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