Dead Butterflies Don’t Cure Cancer


She says she’s always two seconds away from crying,

two breaths away from screaming and
two steps away from dying.

She’s not wrong.

The chemo breaks down her body daily.
If she were to get a fever, she would be a goner.

So what do you say to the cancer girl who cut off all her hair,
because watching it fall out in clumps has started getting to her?

She told me she went to see a therapist today.
The therapist said,
“you have cancer because your sad. You have stage two lymphoma because your depressed and its starting to infect every part of your living being”.

The therapist kept a glass box of dead butterflies, she said it was “décor”.

She placed the butterflies in front of cancer girl’s face and asked,
“Do they make you sad?
…These butterflies can’t fly away from their problems.” 

She would never stop repeating the world sad.

Everything cancer girl is going through can be fixed if only these butterflies somehow resurrected and flew away.

Something cancer girl could never do,
Something the butterflies could never do.

                                                      dead butterflies don’t cure cancer. 

And cancer girl is doing alright,
she’s still alive.

She may not be a butterfly,
but she has learned to fly.


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