I. Will. Find. You.


I have been looking for you,


You sly fox,
You ambiguous, scaly, slow-moving amphibian.
It’s no surprise you scare people.
With your twisting tongue and your changing colors.
A real master of disguise.


And when i need you most you are hiding
in between experience
and the present,
underneath a layer of someone else’s fingerprints.

I hate when other people use you.

I thought you were mine,
But you have slept in the pages of another’s book.


Sure other poems have been written about your deeper meaning,
Etymologists love studying the depths of curvy body.
I even heard that Shakespeare knew your spot.
And he would whisper sweet lexis in your ear.
Verbal cunnilinguistics.

You silky seductress.
You have played this game of hard to get for too long.
You have slept with both friend and foe.
But it’s time for you to make an appearance
in between the soft sheets of my composition book.

Because I am a still a boy who will always be searching for the words that will make him a man.
A husband who will always be searching for the words that have the same ring as those wedding bells.
A poet who wants to hear that 4 and a half second silence after saying the right words,
in the right combination,
making the audience forget they are supposed to be clapping.

And I am pretty sure
you are pretty close to me right now


And this is a little embarrassing but,
I have Ransacked and pillaged through everything I have to find you.

I have checked every Journal I own.
And found nothing
but questions and scripture.

I have checked every text in my cellular phone.
I found nothing
but keyboards with pictures.

I desperately searched in my closet alone
I found nothing
But sneakers and sweaters

I have checked every junk drawer in my home.
but tools and letters.

I will find you


I will find you.
Even if it takes the


-Reese Weatherspoon

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