Poems About Friends Vol. 1

There was nothing I could have done for her.
She was alone in a crowded room,
Stood up for herself when no one was looking
Burned her own path in the woods
And would walk right out on me.
But only I saw myself as one of the embers beneath her feet,
But I was really a tree
That became a path to walk on;
Something that changed her, momentarily,
Until she saw another way through.
-It’s okay, I won’t be mad if you burn me down.
The sunset was extravagant
As she descended upon the horizon.
And all I could think of
Were the last two times we visited the pier.
And I decided
I’d rather go home without a singe snapshot
Than go to watch the sunset without you.
-You are the sunset.
-Holly Tree

Two Poems by Gangleri


“The Words to Speak at Night”

I fear it’s now a common blight
To hide our face behind our words
And to the world be only known
By everything we haven’t shown

We laugh at how few seeds we’ve sown
For surely we are always right
As we are all the mockingbirds
Who denigrate those flocking herds

But some of us, I hope, are spurred
To leave that bitter trend alone
To leave the laughter for the light
But find the words to speak at night


I hear it now, with guiled ears
The calling of my darkest fears
Setting now, December sun
When all was said, and nothing done

I feel it now, in weary bones
My reckless ways, the Earth condones
What will still be said of me
When I am gone for Innisfree?

I see it now, with opened eyes
The bitter wind and darkened skies
The final path, the final bow
And nothing left beyond the prow

I know it now, in dauntless mind
Until this moment, I was blind
It will not matter what we’re worth
For soon we’ll sleep in languid earth