Venomous Butterflies


I saw her yesterday.

Her piercing eyes sent venom through my veins.
Drops of poisoned emotions that rushed through my blood, soon morphed into butterflies.
They got trapped in my stomach and, out of fear, began to flutter
clawing at me from the inside out with blood stained talons.
They eventually made their way into my heart.
I could have swore it skipped a beat.
My breathing became rapid, hands, wet palms, shaking,
I clutched at my chest because apparently the butterflies have razor teeth
and they like the taste of my lungs.
But still, I don’t let her see how much her venom gets to me.
She doesn’t know.
She doesn’t notice.

This feeling is a very strange one.
Is it… new
No, new
No, new
A… Crush?

No, just new.

We were singing when it happened.
Completely surrounded, there were hundreds of voices and mine was camouflaged within them.
My face was just one of many.
There’s no way she would notice if I just took a peek every now and then.


The spotlight must have hit just the right way, the song must have hit just the right note, but at that moment it seemed as though angels had come down, claimed her as a goddess, and carved her into pure perfection


Even though she stood as still as stone, her eyes flicked and fluttered. Her hands clenched and relaxed with the rhythm of the song, but she wouldn’t dare let anyone see.
Because when the angels spend so long making you a masterpiece, you try not to disappoint.


Some say her blood is thick and cold and runs black through her veins.
I’m fearfully curious.
There’s no way she would notice if I just took a peek every now and then, right?

Her eyes.
A meeting.


Brief but deadly, here comes the venom.
I’m not surprised when my body goes numb, I’ve already been warned a million times.
With pins and needles, she personally sews sweet thoughts and painful feelings into my brain.
I wish she would get that sly smirk off her face, because every time she pulls tighter on the thread she somehow becomes more beautiful.
This is all too new and I want it to go away.
Why do I keep looking?

I saw her again today.
She’s… Leaving
But that’s okay
She didn’t know.
She didn’t notice,

And I didn’t tell her.

-P. Nerd



How beautiful, the way she admires you
As you trace circles with your thumb onto the palm of her hand
Like a feather, you calm her oh so gently

Another day she spends believing she was a fallen angel, and you were helping her fly again.
She loved the taste of your sweet words
Like a drug, you flooded her mind

Problems arose when you treated her as if the world was full of better angels, who wouldn’t waste your time with broken wings
She thought she was a freak

Post-traumatic, you abandoned her
Yet she still yearned to feel your touch even though she knew it would only burn
Like an addiction, she went through withdrawal.

Ripping off her finally healed wings, she swore to never try to fly again

ou managed to break an already broken angel

And you wonder why she can’t be happy
-P. Nerd